Bridge Type Stone Block Cutting machine


  1. Cut Block into Slabs in required thickness .
  2. Applicable for granite and marble in high value.
  3. Multi blades or single blade alternative according to processing requirement.
  4. Hydraulic drive .
  5. High cutting efficiency, high slicing precision, easy-operating .






Product description


MACTOTEC  2200/2500/3000mm Bridge Type Stone Block Cutting machine

1. Machine can hang with multi blades for cutting simultaneously , greatly improve the cutting capacity, and reduce consumption. It is also flexible applicable for single blade cutting.

2.Adopts four guide pillars hydrualic lifting system for up and donw movement. with advantage of wearprrof to longer machine lifespan.

3.Touch Screen for easy operation.

4.Electric and control parts adopt international name brands, ensured quality and easy for maintaince in local. Mitsubishi PLC, Ysakawa/Schneider conveter.

5.Using encoders for X,Y,Z movement to ensure high precision cutting.

6.Brdge structure ensures better cutting precision and flatness of final slabs to get.  Surface flatness after cutting less than +/-0.5mm.


Technical Datas:

Model MTSJ-2200 MTSJ-2500 MTSJ-2800
Max. Blade Diameter mm Φ2200 Φ2500 Φ2800
Max. Processing Length mm 3800 3500 3200
Max. Processing Width mm 2500 2500 2500
Max. Processing Thickness mm 800 1000 1200
Max. Vertical Stroke mm 1350 1350 1350
Water Consumption m3/h 15 15 15
Main Motor Power kw 45 45 55
Dimension mm 8000*4300*3400 8000*4300*3400 8000*4300*3400
Weight kg 14000 14500 15000







Additional information

Max Blade Diameter


Main Motor Power


Drive Mode


Max Processing Size

3200*2300*1100mm/ 3200*2300*1300mm