MTMST-3500 Robot Stone Edge Profile and Polishing Machine

Edge shapes profile and polishing for flat and convex edges of marble, granite , quartz , other natural and engineered  stones.

Machine has fast tool change system and fully automatic.

It can be programmed in any angle and position on slab edge to achieve incredible pricessing results.

Different shapes can be programed in software by operators.


Product description




Technical Datas:

Model MTMST-3500
Min Polish Wheel Diameter mm 95
Max Working Length mm 3500
Max Working Thickness mm 70
Tool Change Positions pc 10
Motor Speed rpm 0/3500
Max Speed m/min 0-75
Overall dimension mm 5800*2600*2000
Weight kg 2200
Water Consumption l/min 10-20
Water Pressure Required bar 1.5-2
Compressed Air Required l/min 10
Air Pressure Required bar 6
Max Install Power kw 10




With extend holder to prevent stones from break or craks when for large pieces processing. 

Holder size is 1100*600mm.



Machine euqiped with tool presenting system to automatically measure the thickness of grinding tool.

and with optical probe on head to automatically recognize the position of pricesisng slabs on table.. 



360°Spin tool carousel with 10 tools hold space  for automactic tools changes. 



10 pcs of pneumatic fixtures to hold the stone in position,and with stoppers on the bridge to allow operators align slab to ensure precise edge processing. 



The software allows operators to set up different edge shapes  programs, save it and use it when needed.