Two Direction Bridge Type Block Cutting Machine


Machine designed as per the understanding of processing marble or granite block into slabs and tiles.

It with vertical and horizontal blade working on the same machine. get the required size of slabs or tiles in one time.

Strong motor power, heavy-duty steel structure, and use -friendly operation system .

Product description



1.The main electrical components are used internationally renowned brands, good quality and easy for maintaince in local.

2.Small motor power. (Comparing with using same size saw blades, the combination of different size saw blades cost far less power)

3.The crossbeam moves for slicing so that the table is not necessary, which solved the inaccuracy problem and saves a lot of troubles and cost for adjusting or replacing the worn parts of the table.

4.Microcomputer automatic control (PLC), the operating parameters of the program can be set up to work automatically without human intervention.

5.Screw-rod lifting system and hydraulic lifting system for choice.

6.Heavy duty structure, logical control system, easy operation, the finish slab with flat surface.

8.Simple Graphical Interface with Touch Screen, easy for understanding and operating.



Technical datas: